Rainbow Coptic-Bound Notebook


I made this little notebook (about six inches high) from a tutorial which has long since vanished into the internet ether. However Coptic binding tutorials aren’t rare, if you want to make one! It’s worth finding a selection of coloured papers as they will be showcased between the cover boards.

So I started doing bookbinding too…

My first attempt 🙂

I followed the tutorial HERE which is really nice and clear.

It’s a bit rough but I’m happy with it as a first attempt! Especially considering it’s made from stuff I already had around the house. The pages are posh printer paper (the heavy kind for printing fancy or important things on), the cover boards are recycled from an old ring-binder, and the bookcloth is a leftover bit of linen.

I never knew that there are so many ways to bind books! I can see myself making a few more yet 🙂


Jewel blanket

I’ve been working on this for longer than I’m going to admit 🙂

The squares are knitted corner-to-corner using increases and decreases. The benefit of this is that they come out perfectly square, but it only works with garter stitch.

To make squares this way, cast on one stitch and proceed in garter stitch, increasing one stitch at the start of each row. When the square is the size you want, start to decrease one stitch at the start of each row, until you only have one stitch left.


Little rope basket

I made this a couple of weeks ago 🙂



Using THIS tutorial! I went over each stitch twice though to make mine firmer. Materials are about 12 yards of rope (dyed red with Dylon dye) and what felt like miles of russet-orange hemp thread. Seriously, if you’re starting this, make sure you have LOADS of thread or can get more if you run out. It’s about 7″ across.


Free pattern-less pattern for a puffy peasant-style blouse

Here is a unpattern I designed for a big, roomy peasant-blouse-type top. It fits my 48″ chest with loads of ease; I wear it with corsets so it works as a liner too. It is not too long so it doesn’t poke out of the bottom of the corset. I make it out of muslin or voile.

The pieces are basically rectangles with two corners cut off;

photo 1

Here are cutting layouts for the two standard fabric widths.

photo 2

So you will need about 1.8 yards of 44″ wide fabric or 1.1 of 58″ wide. Although the layouts don’t really show this, the pieces will be very nearly up to the edges of the fabric, so if you’re going to dye your fabric, do that first as the edges of some fabrics dye darker than the rest (due to the  weave being a little tighter).

You will also need 40-50″ of elastic for the neck and 2 x 12″ for the sleeves.

Here are the pieces cut out:

foto_no_exif (1)

To sew, first French-seam the diagonal seams (shoulders) like so:

foto_no_exif (2)

I’ve put rulers along the seams to show where they are as unsurprisingly, white stitching doesn’t show on white fabric.

Then, fold in half so the front and back are together and French-seam the underarms and sides.

Hem the bottom.

Hem the neck and sleeves, leaving the hem deep enough to thread elastic through (and a gap to do so). Thread the elastic through and safety-pin the ends together; try on to make sure the neckline fits how you want and sew the elastic ends together, and sew up the elastic openings.

You’re done!

You can also make a smaller version if you want less ‘puff’, are smaller in the chest, or have less fabric to work with. For example I have made one with sleeves 14″ deep and 20″ wide, and the front/back 20″ deep and 29″ wide. I didn’t add elastic to the sleeves for this one.